“Kandetar” did not pass the censor, Nawal says, “I will go to court”

The film ‘Kandetar’, which raised the issue of installing barbed wire on the Nepal-India border, has been stopped by the Central Film Censorship Committee from giving a censor certificate. The Chairman of the Film Censor Board and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Netra Prasad Subedi said, ‘Since it is a matter between two countries, it was seen as sensitive.’ It will affect the bilateral relations between Nepal and India.

The film was censored on Monday evening, after watching the film, the officials of the board objected to some dialogues and scenes and refused to give the film a censor certificate. After the film was censored, there was a long discussion between the producers and the board members. “If the story and presentation come to destroy the country, it is made to stop it,” said Subedi.

But producer and director Nawal Khadka has said that he will go to court against the board’s decision not to allow the film to be screened. Director Khadka said that due to the open border of Nepal-India, the Censor Board has objected to some scenes and dialogues of the Home Administration, including the crimes taking place in the border area, the ‘atrocities’ against citizens.

He also said that he requested to pass the censors without using scissors on any scene and language. This film, jointly written by Shivam Adhikari and Nawal Khadka, presents the story of the need to organize barbed wire in the border area between Nepal and India, and to resist Indian mischief.

Nawal Khadka produced and acted in previous films including Bhimdutt, Dashagaja and Awaaz also had to deal with the censors. The release date of the latest film ‘Kandetaar’ has not been announced yet. Khadka informed that the date will be fixed only after the censor passes.

Director Nawal himself has the lead role in the film. Story writing is also his. Along with him, Gaurav Pahari, Revika Gurung, Surbina Karki, Muralidhar, Prem Subba, Parashuram Chaudhary, Sanjay Khatiwada, Rajendra Bhagat, Pannalal Sikdar, Prakash Giri, child actors Nadia Khadka, Sanaya Khadka and others are also acting in the film. “Kandetaar” was shot by Saurabh Lama.

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