Nepali and South Indian producers release each other’s films in OTT

Kathmandu- Two film related organizations of Nepal and India have agreed to provide market for films produced in their respective countries. Nepal Film Promotion Circuit (NFPC) of Nepal and Film and Television Promotion Council (FTPC) of India agreed to screen their respective digital platforms over the top (OTT) and movie theaters in the ‘Indo-Nepal Cinema Exchange Summit 2023’ program held at the Film Development Board on Sunday.

Bhuwan KC, Chairman of the Film Development Board, responded that he is confident that Nepali films will get audiences if they find a market. “Films made in Nepal will earn good profits if they expand the market in neighboring India. Also, we are eager to welcome South Indian films to be shot in Nepal. Looking for each other’s markets is positive”, said Board Chairman KC.

NFPC President Nutan Neupane said that they are eager to promote each other’s film market as part of cultural exchange. “We are preparing to dub the Nepali movie in Telugu and show it through OTT in South India,” she said.

In the program FTPC Chairman Chaitanya Jung informed that he is studying the market and its potential. “Nepal is easy for us to film. Nepali films will be shot in India and Indian films in Nepal will benefit both”, he said. Actors Krishna Malla, Deepakraj Giri, Ayushmann Deshraj Shrestha Joshi, Dinesh DC and others were present in the event.

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