The first look of the road thriller film ‘Bato’.

Kathmandu- The first look of the road thriller film ‘Bato’ has been released. The production unit has brought out a poster of the film as a first look on the occasion of new year. The poster, which was prepared with a female character of the film in the center, has succeeded in arousing the curiosity of the audience towards the film. This film, which gives an impression of a commercial South stylish film, has been produced under the banner of Kathmandu Films Pvt Ltd.

The writer and director of the film is Madan Thapa and the cinematographer is Sharan Rishi. Director Thapa and cinematographer Rishi are famous personalities in the Chennai film industry of India. Mithila Sharma, Raksha Thapa, Sulakshana Bharti, Jha, Vijay Tamrakar and others in can be seen in the lead roles in the film. The producer of the film is Chandan Jha. Producer Jha is also the founder of Kathmandu Films.

Apart from various locations in Kathmandu, the post-production of the film is being done in Mumbai. The production unit has planned to release the film within 2080. Producer Chandan Jha said that the film will be made in five languages ​​including Nepali, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and English. The production unit is preparing to bring the trailer of the film soon. The trailer of the film will be released in three languages ​​namely Nepali, Hindi and Tamil. The film will be produced in Dobby Atmos Sound. For the first time in Nepal, the film is going to be prepared in Dobby Atmos sound system.

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