Wilson Bikram announced his own production-directed film ‘Silam Sakma’.

Wilson Bikram announced his own production-directed film ‘Silam Sakma’.

Kathmandu- Actor Wilson Bikram Rai ‘Takme Budha’ has announced his production and directorial film ‘Silam Sakma’ on Friday on the occasion of New Year. The film will be shot at various locations in the eastern hills. The shooting of the film will start from Ashad.

‘Silam Sakma’, a patch-like symbol worn on the chest by the Kirat community, has the meaning in Nepali, cutting the path of death. ‘Silam Sakma’ associated with the Kirat civilization is carried towards the heart and has cultural and religious recognition. Wilson is going to make the film with this title under the banner of his home production ‘Takme Production’.

Films like ‘Rato Ghar’ and others have been made under the banner of Takme Productions. Along with the story of the Limbu community, Wilson also said that the commercial aspect will be taken into account in the production of the film. He said that three C (comedy, community and commercial) elements will be included in the film. He also informed that current stars will be included as artists.

While announcing the film on 1st Baisakh, he also released the theme poster of the film. A hill village is depicted in the sketch poster. Wilson, who has acted in more than 30 films in his career, is also acting as an actor in ‘Hattichaap’ and ‘Parkhibasein 2’.

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