Good business of ‘Bulaaki’ which got less shows

Kathmandu- The film ‘Bulaki’ which got a great response at the premiere has got off to a good start at the box office.

Multiplexes have given very few shows to the film. But producer Biraj Bista said that the number of shows that have been received has been well supported by the audience.

On Friday, the film received good response from the audience in multiplexes across the country. Although the business of the film is average in the morning show, the occupancy of the audience is high in the afternoon. In Nepalgunj, this film had only one show at QFX, which had 100 percent audience occupancy. Actor and producer Bista informed that the audience who went to see the movie in Nepalgunj hall returned without getting tickets.

The number of viewers who came to watch the film in multiplexes in Kathmandu was also pleasant. The films of Civil, Labim, Chhaya Center, Bhaktapur and other halls under the QFX chain have got as many shows. According to the producer, the audience is good in all those shows.

Producer Bista said, “Though the show has victimized themselves by giving less shows, the audience has supported them.”

Actress Suraksha Pant has thanked the audience after seeing a good audience in the film.

Directed by Laxman Sunar, the film tells the story of Karnali. The film has presented the story of a couple from Karnali in a poignant manner. The movie has Suraksha Pant, Naren Khadka and Biraj Bista in lead roles.

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