“Where am I lost?”

This confidence is given by the election defeat: Himesh Pant

Kathmandu- Most of the winners of Nepali reality shows are unemployed or have fled abroad. That’s why such shows are also called the place to produce the unemployed. Himesh Pant, the first winner of ‘Comedy Champion’, has also disappeared now.

He is neither seen on television nor on social media. To some extent, it is not even uploaded on his own official YouTube. Before the local elections last Baisakh, Balen Shah’s YouTube is silent after a video content was uploaded in support of the mayor candidate of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. Nobody cares what he is doing. Many have even started to say that he has fled from the comedy field. He (Himesh) says that he has not left the comedy field and has not gone anywhere and he cannot be said to have disappeared.

I became a candidate for the House of Representatives in last Mangsir’s election. There was a lot of running around at that time. The mood was off after the defeat. I rested for two or three months’, he said, ‘now I am doing 2 or 3 stage shows a week within the country. There have been many offers from foreign programs as well, things are not working out.’ He said that he is also preparing to bring a television program. It might be said that it is lost because it is not covered on social media, YouTube and television. Where am I lost? I am also seen in television shows and films. Now I will soon spread around,” he added.

Talk show soon

Lately, many comedy shows have entered television. In such shows, his counterparts and later brothers and sisters are making fun of him. He is bringing a separate television ‘talk show’. He said that in the comedy show that is being aired now, he seems to be lagging behind the top three of ‘Comedy Champion’.

He will participate as a guest of the young political leader in the ‘talk show’ that is going to be brought and he himself will be the host of the show. Even though political leaders are guests on my talk show, political questions are only 10 percent,. 90 percent of the questions are different,” he further added, “90 percent are social, various problems and their solutions.” He informed that the show will proceed in a comedy style with a sense of humor.

His point is to satirize political leaders on talk shows. But it is not said that the participating leaders will understand the sarcasm he made in the show. He is not worried about that either. He says, “It doesn’t matter if the leader participating as a guest understood the sarcasm in the program. The audience will understand.

It has been a long time since he exercised for the talk show. A broadcast contract was already in place with Prime Time Television for the show. According to the agreement, the show was to be broadcast from January. He could not start the show on time because he was busy with various works. Now he says that he will start the show soon.

Himesh Pant as A hero

Himesh is not going to come forward only as a ‘talk show’ presenter. He is also seen as the hero of the film through ‘Var and Vadhu’. He has the lead role in this film directed by Milan Champs.

Apart from him, the film also stars Aanchal Sharma, Samragyee RL Shah, Vijay Lama, Ramesh Budhathoki, Ravindra Khadka, Kiran KC and others. In the film, which was shot in Romania, Italy, France and Nepal, he played the role of a person living in Romania. New actress Srishti K Khadka has been paired with him in that film. He informed that he played the role of comedy and message in the film.

Acting is a very difficult genre. My role in the film is not only to make people laugh, but also to make them cry’, he added, ‘I am a laughing man, I did not cry during acting. In 10, 15 takes, what happened in real life, I cried.’

After winning ‘Comedy Champion’, ‘Var and Vadhu’ is not the first film he has been offered. Bhuwan KC offered ‘Paras’ as his first film. At that time, thinking that he would not film soon, he left. After that, he thought why should he leave the film when the opportunity came. And acted in ‘Var and Vadhu’.

Even now, he has 4 or 5 film offers. whose story and production unit are different. He is thinking of continuing acting and is thinking of doing a movie of gangster type role.

He has always done comedy. Apart from this, I am interested in Gangstar to know how it looks when something different is done,” he said, “I also do it in love stories. My favorite genre is love story, action and comedy.

Dunot’s Business Now

Apart from film acting and talk show, he is becoming a bakery businessman. He is also going to start the Dunnot business in the bakery soon. The dunote that he is going to do business with will be different from what is available in the market now. Dunot that was built in Hotel Annapurna around 2040 BS, his father made that dunote in Kathmandu for some time after learning it from Annapurna, then took it to Dhading. Until a few years ago, this dunot was famous in Dhading. It has been almost three years since his father stopped making it. It has been discontinued. Now he is trying to bring that dunot to the market again as a Brand.

He named Dunot as ‘Coconut Crown’. He gave this name because dunot is made by adding coconut. In Dhading, it is known as dunot with coconut. “The market test for Dunot has also been done,” he said, “good field back came in the market testing.” It is being designed for packaging.” He said that it could be in the market within this week.

He is earning a good income in the arts and got inspiration to start business from the player who left the national football team of Nepal and flew to Australia some time ago. “You can live, eat and all your needs will be fulfilled by playing in Nepal. What about going abroad for the future? He added, ‘The future is also a concern. It is also to do something in Nepal.

What is politics?

In the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly elections held last Mangsir 4, he was directly elected as a member of the House of Representatives of Dhading Region No. 1. He became a candidate for the National Independent Party and lost the election. He says that even though he lost the election, he learned many important things for life.

“I lost the election, I learned a lot while losing. You have to be able to do many things in life. There is no need to retreat,” he narrated his experience. There is nothing to fear. This confidence is given by the defeat of the election.” Stating that he is now focusing on his professional career, he indicated that he will be active in politics in the future.

“Social work and cooperation in my area are continuing as before,” he said, “I have started studying political science so that I can work in politics in the future and gain knowledge.” As a candidate, he received 12,000 votes. That vote was also received that he is a suitable candidate in politics. Therefore, he thinks that he will always work for the interests of his region to respect that vote.

However, after losing the election, he made a post on social media and alleged that all ‘meat was sold in rice’. Due to which he was also criticized. “I said that some people sold meat and rice in the election,” he recalled this incident, “the news was broadcast wrongly.” The media made news that they alleged that everything was sold.

He contested elections from the National Independent Party and is currently not active in any of the party’s activities. why Before being able to put the question, he replied, ‘I only contested the election from that party. I am peaceful now. He wants the party to do well. If he does bad things, he will be included in my jokes. I don’t know other parties. If other parties had done well, why would the National Independent Party have come?’ He added, ‘People do not have hope with other parties.’

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