Why did Biraj Bhatta reject the proposal of RSP to contest election from Bara 2?

Various parties are working to finalize the names of the candidates for the by-elections to be held in three areas on the 10th of Baisakh. Meanwhile, the Rashtriya Swatantra Party had offered actor Viraj Bhatt to contest the election from Bara-2. However, after he did not accept the proposal, the independent party put the names of Ramesh Kharel and Yuvraj Neupane in the list of initial candidates.

Bhojpuri films have a big hold in the Bara region where the Madhesi community is in majority. And Viraj is a superstar of Bhojpuri films, this is the reason why RSP offered him to contest the election. However, after Viraj said that he will not join politics immediately, the party is looking for other candidates. However, he has taken positively the proposal of RSP to contest the elections.

He, who is currently in Mumbai, told reporter, “Yes, I was offered to contest the election from RSP. However, I informed that I do not want to join politics immediately. Bara was close to Bhojpuri, so he made that offer to me. I take it positively. I would also like to say thank you to that party for considering me so worthy.

Bhatt says that he is not thinking about joining politics as he is currently busy with films. I was never interested in politics. If I have to enter politics in the future, I will prepare well for that. For those who want to do politics, the party’s proposal to contest elections is a very good thing. However, I am not ready to join politics now,” said Bhatt.

Is there a possibility of entering politics in the future? In response to a question, Viraj said, “I haven’t thought anything about it so far. It is not appropriate to say that it will not come in the future. However, there is no intention to do it anyway. And also we should be interested in the country’s politics. Being a Nepali citizen, I am also interested in politics.

Actor Bhatt also said that he will soon come to Nepal and start preparing for a new Nepali film. Talks about him making ‘Sanglo 2’ have been going on for a long time. However, actor Bhatt says that he has not yet decided on the subject and name of the film. He said that now he is looking for a good script. He was last seen in ‘Sanglo’.

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