The message given by ‘Chakka Panja 4’ abroad: New international market is expanding

Kathmandu- As ‘Chakka panja 4’ is entering its fifth week in the country, it is also doing aggressive business abroad. From the big international markets of Nepali films to the small markets of Finland, the performance of the film is encouraging.

Producer and actor Deepak Raj Giri said that based on the show, the fourth series has set the record for the highest grossing Nepali film in the foreign market. So far, it has been a record for earning a lot. The shows are still being added,” he said.

From America, Australia, Europe, Middle East to East Asian countries, regular films are playing in theaters now. Even in the Middle East market, which has been officially opened for Nepali films since last month, its earnings are higher than those of other foreign films.

The foreign earnings of Chhakka panja 4, which was widely released internationally, gives some hopeful signs, which can be seen to be expanding the market of Nepali films abroad.

Searching for new international markets

Even in Helsinki, Finland, where there are few Nepali films, the audience was full this time. In Finland, a Nordic country with a small population and a small market for films, Chakkapanja 4 ran to full houses this time. It seems that not only Finland, but also other small markets are being searched for. It seems that the foreign market of Nepali films is expanding.

The Middle East is on track to become the second largest market

According to a data of Non-Resident Nepalese Association, there are more than 1.5 million Nepalese living in the countries of the Middle East. There are nearly 5 lakh Nepalis in Dubai alone. To say that the population is so much means to say that the market is also big. The film released in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar has earned aggressively. Its earnings are still higher than the Nepali films shown there. Demonstrations are also being prepared in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The manufacturer can expect a lot of revenue from the Middle East.

Now on to China and India

Preparations are being made to release the first part of Chakka panja in Mandarin language in China, the neighboring country to the north. If this works according to the plan, Chhakka panja will be the first Nepali film to be released in the world’s biggest film market for the first time. Also, Chakka panja 4 is going to be screened at a prestigious film festival in China.

Chinese Ambassador Chen Song also said that China is ready to welcome Nepali films during NIF. Apart from this, some films released earlier in India have indicated that the Nepali film market is huge.

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