‘I did not get love like India from my country,’ said Pakistani TV actress Sabina Farooq

Pak Actress Sabeena Farooq On India: Pakistan’s famous TV actress Sabina Farooq is not dependent on any separate identity. Sabina Farooq has made her special identity through the character of Haya in the Pakistani TV serial ‘Tere Bina’. Not only this, Sabina has shown how to play negative roles on the small screen. Meanwhile, Sabina Farooq has spoken openly about the reaction of the Indian audience regarding her role.

Sabina Farooq spoke about India

It has been seen since the past that the craze of Pakistani TV serials and star cast has increased a lot in India. Be it Pak TV serial ‘Mere Humsafar’ or Tere Bin. Meanwhile, ‘Tere Bin’ starrer Sabina Farooq has recently given an interview to BBC News, in which Sabina talked about the reaction of the people of India towards her character Haya. Sabina Farooq has told that- ‘The more I talk about the reactions of the people who come from India, the less it is.

People’s reactions are very good and very tremendous. What do you have to say about the beauty and details in which people message from India. They really appreciate your character. I feel very good to hear and know that.

Not getting such response from Pakistan

Taking her point forward, Sabina Farooq has said that- ‘The way my character gets love from India, he does not get it from Pakistan. Which is quite a surprise for me. Because of the negative role, people here write a lot wrong about me and also say bad things. In this way, Sabina Farooq has spoken openly about India and her fans.

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