Suraj Kumar Thapa brought ‘Timi Dukhda’ (Video)

Suraj Kumar Thapa’s new song has been released.

The song ‘Timi Dukhda’ has been released in his own voice and music. The song has lyrics by Bhupendra Mahat and the music has been composed by Kiran Kandel.

Conceived and directed by Santosh Basnet, the song stars Suraj Kumar Thapa, Hema Shrestha and Bishal Pulami Magar.

The music video released through Suraj Kumar Thapa’s YouTube channel was shot and edited by Deepen Basnet.

Suraj started his musical journey in 2048 from Radio Nepal. Lately he has been busy playing along with singing. He has been playing keyboard in the band ‘Nepathya’ for 20 years.

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