After ‘Kantara 2’ earned 400 crores, Rishab demanded a salary of 100 crores

Mumbai- The second part of Kannada superstar Rishab Shetty’s blockbuster film ‘Kantara’ has caught everyone’s attention. Rishab is in the limelight for the second part of the film made under the banner of Homeable Films.

According to the production side, ‘Kantara 2’ will not be a sequel but a prequel to the film. The film, made at a cost of 20 crores, earned more than 400 crores worldwide last year. While the prequel of the film is being prepared, Rishab has asked the producer for a salary of 100 crores.

The first part of the film was made keeping in mind the Kannada audience. Due to this, the budget of the film was also low. As soon as the film was released, other people from the film industry were also influenced by its story, so it was dubbed in another language and released.

For ‘Kantara’, Rishab took a salary of only 5 crores. He also wrote and directed. After the film became a blockbuster, the makers are preparing to make a prequel with a big budget. That is why Rishab has also asked for a salary of 100 crores.

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