Announcement of Janakdeep to become President of Directors Society

Kathmandu: The 15th Congress of the Nepali Film Directors Association, the organization of Nepali film directors, is being held in the capital on Saturday. A few days ago, the meeting of the association chaired by the president of the association, Rakshya Singh Rana, decided the date of the convention. As the convention date approaches, Janakdeep Parajuli has announced his candidacy for the post of president. He has announced that he will run for the post of president along with some of his agenda on the social network Facebook.

He has passed through various positions of the association and is currently serving as the general secretary of the association. He has raised the agenda to advance the organization legally and creatively, to operate the organization in a digital technology friendly manner, to work for the rights and interests of its members, to operate the renewable fund, to hold master classes, and to do incomplete and insufficient work. Parajuli has been active in directing films, music videos and commercials for a long time.

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