Is actor Anmol or the director to blame for not running well ‘Chadke 2’?

The unimaginable accident at the box office of the film ‘Chadke 2’ has shocked the Nepali film industry. Because, the commercial expectations towards this film were high. The only reason for that was Anmol KC, who was called ‘megastar’ in the film. It was predicted that he would storm the box office. Because of his name, it was said that there is an audience fair in the hall on two/four days of the film screening. However, none of this happened in ‘Chadke 2’. Even one show of the film could not be a house full.

Multiplexes removed the film within 5/6 days of screening due to heavy audience drought. This is the first time that Anmol’s film has not lasted even a week at multiplexes. And, ‘Chadke 2’ has become the weakest of his career both in terms of content and commercial. After the film did not run, Anmol wrote a note on social media on Friday and expressed the confession that he should have matured by the time he reached the ninth film. He has promised not to disappoint the audience in the next film.

It is said that Anmol took 50 lakh salary for ‘Chadke 2’. Such a huge salary was paid by the producer for his stardom. But, unfortunately! The film could not even collect 30 lakhs in a week. This has raised a big question on Anmol’s stardom. However, Anmol did not take the blame for the failure of ‘Chadke 2’ in his note, nor did he blame director and writer Nigam Shrestha. In the end, whose responsibility is more to blame?

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‘Mangalam’ famed director Naval Nepal believes that the blame for the failure of ‘Chadke 2’ should be taken morally by the director. ‘Ethically, the director should take the blame for it. Because the director has the right to decide every place,’ he says while commenting on Anmol, ‘he has done 7/8 films of the same colour. Instead of continuing this character, he tried to ‘experiment’ with a different character saying that he would ‘turn’ it a bit. His courage is positive but the audience did not accept that courage. Therefore, even if it is mainly the fault of the director, Anmol is also a partner.’

He takes the commercial failure of ‘Chadke 2’ as a message that Anmol is not mature enough to play such a character. However, he argues that the failure of ‘Chadke 2’ will not affect Anmol’s career. Tomorrow, if he does a great job in content and screenplay, all these things will be forgotten. This is the culture of our Nepalese. If you submit by doing good work, the previous mistakes will be erased. So I don’t see any bad future for him. I see very well. But, now I have to think about what kind of character he is playing,” he suggested.

Nepali film screenwriter and dialogue writer Pradeep Bharadwaj blames both the director and Anmol for the failure of ‘Chadke 2’. He says, ‘Anmol made the film because he liked the character. However, not being able to understand the script is his fault. And it is the director’s fault that the script is not written well and the direction is not good.’ However, he is of the opinion that it would be wrong to put all the blame on Anmol if a film does not work. 

Bhardwaj says that ‘Chadke 2’ has proved wrong once again that stardom drives a film. ‘A film should not be made based only on the stardom of the artist. We need strong content,’ he continues, ‘Film is teamwork. If any part of our body gets hurt, the whole body feels pain. All the parts have to work in the film too.’

Similarly, film critic and script writer Samipyaraj Timalsina considers the director to be the main culprit for the failure of ‘Chadke 2’. Film is the director’s medium. However, from the media to the producers, they made an understanding that ‘film is precious and film is precious’. Even if Anmol had understood that ‘I am only a small part of the film’, there would have been no problem. He was trained to think ‘film is me’ and he imbibed it. That was wrong. So when the film failed, it was bound to affect him, because he is a big star. However, in terms of the medium, the first blame goes to the director. The director has failed,’ he said.  

In ‘Chadke 2’, Anmol feels that Anmol is a failure, considering the remuneration and the publicity given to him as a megastar. “The thing that Anmol is enjoying as a megastar, he should also take the blame for the failure of ‘Chadke 2′,” argues critic Timalsina, “creatively, the director (Nigam Shrestha) has failed and if you look at the package, Anmol is a failure. .’

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