VTEN Europe Tour 2024 : live in seven countries

Rapper VTEN is the most in-demand artist in the Nepali diaspora. He recently arrived in Europe for a live concert after touring the United States early in 2080.

Hangama Events distributes the VTEN Europe Tour 2024 throughout Europe. His concert schedule is ready from February 11 to March 10. He will begin his tour in Portugal and finish it in Belgium.

The planned dates for the concert program are as follows: Eyepoppers Event is hosting February 11 in Portugal; Nuage Entertainment is hosting February 13 in France; Mama Events is organizing February 17 in Finland; Pandav Events is organizing February 21 in Poland; Team Dynamic Malta is organizing February 23 in Malta; Lakhe Creations is organizing March 3 in Cyprus; and Hangama Events is organizing March 10 in Belgium.

In the Nepali hip-hop scene, VTEN is a well-known personality. His well-known tracks, Hami Yestai Ta Ho Ni Bro, Manche Khattam, Thaha Chhaina, Yatra, Kaalo 2, Simsime Pani, etc., are among the top hits.

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