The introduction of procedures to ascertain labor artists’ wages

A new procedure will be introduced to determine the remuneration of artists and technicians working in Nepali movies, songs and music. Nisha Sharma, the chancellor of the Nepal Music and Drama Pragya Foundation, said that the procedure was brought about because of the inability to determine the fair value of the artists’ labor. “Soon, the foundation will classify the artists based on their contribution,” Sharma said.

An honorary member of the group’s Madhavraj Kharel-led program, Shantipriya, Fawn’s advisor, said that even now, the process of writing songs for free for songwriters continues. Even with the money, she added, very little was given.

Likewise, Fawn’s vice president, Rishi Raj Acharya, suggested that the Sangeet Natya Academy should introduce a new law to adjust the salaries of artists and other things.

Musician Deepak Sharma said that Music Theater Pragya Pratishthan should closely understand the many problems of musicians and artists. The Foundation went to the local bodies and suggested that if the original song music is not protected as soon as possible, after a decade, those original song music and instruments will disappear.

Fawn’s co-treasurer Prabin Bhusal, Fawn’s vice chairman Sarita Bharti, another vice chairman Dayaram Ghimire, artist Jhuma Limbu, honorary member Rajendra Bajgain and others complained about the salary.

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