Sachin Rauniyar, who is in love with Garima’s Audhi Maya

Singer Sachin Rauniyar has come to the audience and sources with his new song, ‘Audhi Maya…’. The music video for Rauniyar’s new song, which has spent two and a half decades in the music industry, was released in Kathmandu on Thursday.

This folk-fusion-style song has lyrics and music by Uday Sotang. Dinesh Neupane has mixed and mastered the song, with Salin Magar as the music producer. Directed by Nikesh Khadka, the song’s video features Garima Sharma, Rajaram Poudel, and Tulika Mickey, along with Sachin.

Hari Humagain shot the song video, and Bikash Dhamala handled the editing and coloring.

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