A film is being made under the name of ‘Lighter’

Kathmandu: The film will be made under the working title “Lighter”. Raju Giri and Saroj Khanal will co-direct the film, which was unveiled on Monday with the release of a theme poster. The poster’s and the front’s “color tone” make it obvious that the movie will be an action thriller. The burning lighter is artistically used as a letter in the poster.

Khanal SK Productions is making the film, and pre-production work is now in progress. The work of choosing the performers for the film would begin in the second week of Mangsir, according to director Giri. He claims that in a few days, the roster of artists and technicians will be established. With this film, Saroj will make his directing debut.

Produced by Devendra Khanal, ‘Lighter’ has Meghnath Khanal, Balram Bista, Rachna K.C., Suman Giri, Bijay Biraj Khatri, Tulsha Khanal and Remanta Oli as co-producers. Saroj Khanal, who is about to introduce himself as a director, has been running SK Fresh in Melbourne, Australia, for more than a decade. He is also active in business and social service.

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