Anju and Pratap’s song tells the story of a mother and a son on foreign employment

The song ‘Aama-2’ released on Friday in the voice of Anju Pant and Pratap Das. The song, composed by Sudan Khatri, music by Roshan Singh and arranged by Bishal Niraula, tells the story of a son who is employed abroad and a mother who lives in a village.

The mental and physical pain suffered by the son who went to earn money by borrowing in a foreign country and the torture of the moneylender suffered by the mother staying in the village are poignantly captured in the video of the song.

Directed by Rahul Baraili, the video stars Rashmi Bhatta, Zimbey Rai and Madan Thapa. The video has cinematography by Uttam Humagai, color composition by Milan Bishwakarma and editing by Padam Subedi. This team brought the song ‘Aama’ about a year ago.

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