Deeya as a DSP and Reshma as a married Women in ‘Antim Sanskar’

The film ‘Antim Sanskar’, which is based on the story of a murder mystery, will be released tomorrow, Friday. The film is in the suspense-thriller genre. It is said that there is no market in Nepal. However, love story, action and comedy are dominant. However, director Pradeep Shahi has taken a big risk to give the audience a different taste. And, he is confident that a different story will be preferred. 

Actress Deeya Pun plays the role of a police officer (DSP) who is investigating a mysterious murder in the film. In the previous films, she only played the character of a villager, so she joined ‘Antim Sanskar’ because she has a different character. That is why she is complacent. Talking to reporters on Thursday, she said, ‘I was drawn to do this film because of the different characters and story.’

She does research before playing a character in every film. She did not know much about the police to play the role of DSP in ‘Antim Sanskar’. There were no acquaintances. Therefore, it was difficult for her to build a character. She watched some foreign dramas to understand the psychology of female cops. Also, she got to understand how women police officers are presented. 

Recalling the moment of character creation, Deeya says, ‘I imagined for myself what she would be going through and how she would be feeling in a certain situation to understand the character of DSP.’ She said that the role of DSP is challenging for her. She says that she has not appeared in many films because she wants to do quality films and is picky about characters.

Actress Reshma Ghimire also has an important role in the film. She made a comeback in the film after about 8 years. She plays the role of a married woman in the film. She feels that after becoming an actor, she should be able to play any role. Therefore, she did not hesitate to play the role of a married woman. Now she has gained confidence that she can play any role. 

‘I did the film because I liked the story and the characters. And my role in the film is enough. “My character is the ‘turn over’ of the film,” she says, “be it a love story or a bold role, I have the confidence that I can and will do anything.” She claims that the plot of ‘Antim Sanskar’ is unique. According to Reshma, the film also presented the culture of Nepal.

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