Durgesh’s new song may also be in controversy

Singer Durgesh Thapa, who has been in controversy many times due to his music, has brought a new song ‘Mahango Mero Dress’. This song prepared in rap style was also seen to be in controversy.

In the song, he used bad words to all the girls that can cause controversy. In the song, it is also said that he had a crush on Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter.

The lyrics of the song are by Durgesh and MTR, which is rapped by Roshan Ayer and MTR. In the song, Durgesh says that in 7 days, he has been stopped eight times, boys are looking at him, girls are loving him. In the song, Durgesh has also said that his dress is expensive. At the beginning of the song, Durgesh has also expressed his appreciation through the rapper.

The music video of the song is composed and directed by Durgesh Thapa himself. Apart from Durgesh, the video also stars Alina Rayamajhi, MTR Younglion and Roshan Ayer.

The video is shot by Rock Kausal and edited by Milan Bishwokarma. Actor Durgesh, who likes to stay in the limelight by making controversial songs, disappeared after the Paul incident. Now he has come again with a new song. The song also seems to be in controversy.

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