Canadian actor who underwent 12 facial surgeries to look like a BTS star has passed away

Canadian actor Saint Von Colucci, who underwent more than 12 plastic surgeries to resemble popular K-pop star Jimin, has died in South Korea.

For a few months, he was experiencing complications from cosmetic procedures. His age was 22 years. His spokesperson, Eric Blake, informed that he has spent 220,000 US dollars on 12 plastic surgeries. He believed that doing this would make him look like a K-pop star on an American streaming network. From last Saturday night, he started again to remove the surgery done last November.

Even though he knew the operation would be risky, Colucci did not stop. As a result, he got infected. He died within a few hours of the operation. According to Blake, Von Colucci moved to South Korea from Canada in 2019 to enter the music industry. He was working as a trainee in one of the three biggest entertainment companies in South Korea.

“It’s very sad and very unfortunate,” says Blake, who started working with the young actor in March 2022. He was very insecure about his looks. He had a very square face shape and chin, which he did not like. Last year, he underwent a major surgery on his conjunctiva.

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