Bharatpur Mahanagar Pragya Pratishthan honored 8 artists

Bharatpur Mahanagara Pragya Pratishthan has given honors and awards to creators who have contributed in the field of Nepali language-literature, art and culture. Pragya Pratishthan has honored senior writer and lyricist Premvinod Nandan with Narayani Pragya Samman with a cash prize of 1 lakh 78 rupees. 8 works of Nandan have been published. 40 of his songs have been recorded.

The Foundation awarded Bharatpur Pragya Samman with Rs 50,078 cash to senior artist Riddhicharan Shrestha. Shrestha has acted in more than 60 movies and TV shows.

Likewise, senior sociologist and folk culture researcher Dilliram Pokharel (DR Pokharel) has been awarded the Krishna Bam Mall Pragya Samman along with Rs 50,000 and 78 rupees. 20 of his works have been published.

Likewise, the foundation awarded the Chitwan Pragya Award with a cash prize of 50 thousand 78 rupees and a certificate to the literary outline of Chitwan, a critical work of Prof. Dr. Lakshman Prasad Gautam. Gautam, working in the Nepali Department of Tribhuvan University, has been working to connect the literature of Chitwan with mainstream literature.

Mahanagara Pragya Pratishthan with 25 thousand 78 rupees Prof. Dr. Eknarayan Paudel’s Nisakryti: Siddhanta va Prabhaya Essay Collection, Novelist Sirjan Aviral’s Moksha Novel, Epic Poet Posharaj Paudel’s Shuklagandaki Epic Award, Bharatpur Mahanagara Pragya Award and Gayatri Shrestha’s Song Collection ‘Afnai Manko Sagarma’, Wageshwari Pragya Award.

Renu Dahal, mayor of Bharatpur metropolis, who is the chancellor of Pragya-Pratishthan, said that along with infrastructure development, the metropolis is also working by giving priority to the development of literature, art and culture. She said that the promotion of art, culture and literature and the program of honoring the creators will continue.

Bharatpur Metropolitan Corporation established Pragya Pratishthan on 15th Chaitra 2078.

Balkrishna Thapaliaya, member secretary of the foundation, said that the metropolis has supported literary writers from 10 to 30 thousand rupees as an incentive for publishing manuscripts through the foundation. So far 12 writers have used this facility.

The institution is also publishing literary fund of introductory books of writers and artists of the district. Thapalia informed that Bharatpur Pragya Journal and Mahanagara Sahitya Darpan Part-2 are also in the process of publication.

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