Actor Leonardo DiCaprio gave a statement on the bribery case

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio gave a statement on the bribery case

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has given a statement on the money laundering and bribery case.

He gave a statement in the Federal Court on Monday in the case of international money laundering. A statement was taken from him because of his good relationship with Malaysian financier Low Teck Jho.

Low Teck Jho is accused of stealing billions of dollars. He is known as Zho Lo. He has been absconding for some time.

DiCaprio met Lo at a birthday party in Las Vegas in 2010.

“I knew him to be a big businessman with many different contacts in Abu Dhabi and Malaysia,” he said during his statement in court.

Low has also invested in DiCaprio’s film.

He was a good businessman who wanted to invest in films. He also said that he wanted to contribute to Obama’s re-election campaign, he said.

Low was approached by Michelle to contribute to the Obama campaign. Richard Chromica and his husband, Joseph, sent $80,000 to the Obama campaign. Similarly, former NFL player Jack Breaker gave 32 thousand dollars.

Michel directed the transfer of $21.6 million in grants from foreign organizations to his account.

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