‘People of my team used to be hungry’, Shweta Tripathi’s pain spilled over the discrimination on the set

Shweta Tripathi On Discrimination: Actress Shweta Tripathi is known for her excellent acting. In every character, he has won the hearts of the fans with his performance. Now Shweta Tripathi has spoken openly about gender discrimination in the film industry. Although, she has not been a victim of this, but she has seen with her own eyes being discriminated against by her team.

People of my team used to starve

During an interview with Pinkvilla, Shweta Tripathi was asked if she has ever faced gender discrimination in personal or professional life? In response to this question, Shweta said, ‘It happened on a set that my food used to come, but the make-up artist of my team, his food did not come. Those poor people used to starve. I came to know from this that the male actor’s team used to always have food. I did not understand what is this and how can you not provide the basics, but now I understand all this.

Finding Solutions Doesn’t Mean Giving Up

During the interview, Shweta Tripathi also said that it is very important to find a solution for this. Because everyone has come here to work, but finding a solution does not mean that you have to bow down or give up.

Shweta Tripathi got popularity from ‘Mirzapur’

Let us tell that Shweta Tripathi has appeared in the recently released film Kanjus Makkhichus, in which she has worked with Piyush Mishra, Kunal Khemu and late actor Raj Srivastava. Apart from this, he is known for the character of Golu Gupta in the Mirzapur web series. Shweta Tripathi has also worked in films like ‘Masaan’ and ‘Haramkhor’.

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