Choreographer Salman Yusuff was asked to speak in Kannada at Bengaluru airport, watch video

Salman Yusuff Khan At Bangalore Airport: Bollywood’s Famous Dancer and Choreographer Salman Yusuf Khan (Salman Yusuf Khan) Recently seen stuck in a trouble. Actually Salman has shared a video on social media. In which he gave information about a strange incident that happened with him at the Bangalore airport. In the video, he told that he was forced to speak in Kannada at the airport.

Strange incident happened with Salman at the airport

Salmana shared this video on her Instagram. In which he was seen wearing a pink T-shirt, jacket and cap. Tagging the Kempegowda International Airport in the caption of the video, he wrote, “On my way to Dubai I meet this immigration officer who speaks to me in Kannada..and I try to convey this to him in my broken Kannada That I understand the language but cannot speak..” Still he speaks only in Kannada and while showing me my passport tries to say that you and your father were born in Bangalore and you cannot speak Kannada. That’s why I can doubt you.

Did not get help even after complaining

Salman further wrote that, ‘I get angry on this and I reply to him saying that for what reason you can doubt me mother tongue is Hindi and I can speak that ..PM too Kannada language is not known..Salman also told that when he went to the airport to complain about this matter, he did not get any kind of help..instead he was told that you have to file a complaint online. Please tell that this video of Salman is becoming very viral on social media. Where the fans were seen openly supporting him.

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