Selfie affair became a disaster for celebrities, business running on social media under the guise of Jabra fan

As soon as Celebrities come out of the airport or gym, they are surrounded by a crowd of paparazzi, seeing whom these stars stay for some time and photos are clicked, but during this time, apart from paparazzi, another gang is also present there. Now you must be thinking whom we are calling gang. Today we are explaining this whole story to you. Actually this gang is none other than selfie gang, who break the security cordon for a selfie and reach celebrities and if by mistake the star does not allow them to do so, then they start trolling them on social media.

If this question is coming in your mind that why we are giving the name of the gang to the fans of the stars, then let us also explain it to you. Actually these people are running their strong business in the name of Selfie. A selfie with any big star or a controversy about it gives them an opportunity to earn money on social media. The business of this selfie has troubled all the celebrities from Bollywood to the cricket world. The situation has become such that the stars are scared of taking selfies with their fans. Let’s understand how a selfie can benefit someone in lakhs and ruin the lives of stars…

This is how they do business
Photographers who follow celebs or click their random photos are called paparazzi. Under the guise of these paparazzi, there are some other people who take out the details of the celebs and reach those places. Then whether it is going to the gym of celebs, whether it is time to go out of the house or something like hotel or event. At such places, these people reach near the celebs to take selfies, not only that, they also push and punch many times or try to go near them by breaking the barricade. Although the bodyguards of the celebs take care of it, but many times the celebs also get irritated and react. These selfies are a means of earning money for this gang. He earns money by posting it on social media. By sharing photos with celebs, followers increase and money is also received for every post.

Content is available in every aspect 
The special thing is that in every way they have to get content from celebs. Then whether it is to get the photos of the celebs clicked with love or if they refuse to post them from the angle of controversy or rude behavior. By sharing videos of controversy, these people work to increase their followers. They are made viral. Not only this, people also go to celebrities by making sketches or getting their tattoos done so that they can get a chance to meet celebs and post those photos on social media. Overall, they all get a lot of content.

Competition to become an Influencer
In today’s time everyone wants to become an Influencer in the race to earn money. He does paid promotion after increasing followers in million on social media. According to a report, at present there are about 8 crore content creators in India. Out of which there are more than 1.5 lakh influencers who have more than 1 million followers. These influencers want to increase their followers. These people earn around 50 thousand to 2 lakh rupees a month through social media posts. They enter anyone’s privacy to share posts with celebs and increase their followers. The latest example of this is Sapna Gill, a social media influencer.

Scuffle with Prithvi Shaw over selfie
All of you will remember the controversy with cricketer Prithvi Shaw. Prithvi had gone to a hotel for dinner with his friends. Where social media influencer Sapna Gill had come to click selfies with her friends. Prithvi had also clicked selfies with some, but later after refusing, this matter had reached a scuffle. After that many people were also arrested.

Shocking with Sonu Nigam
Recently some such incident has come to light with celebs in which the fans had crossed their limits. Some time back Sonu Nigam had an event in Mumbai. In which there was a dispute about some people taking selfie with Sonu Nigam. During that time there was a scuffle. After which Sonu Nigam lodged an FIR against those people.

Fans came to meet Akshay after breaking the barricade
Akshay Kumar’s film Selfie has been released recently. Even during the promotion of this film, the fan did something which disturbed everyone. Actually a fan broke the barricade and reached to meet Akshay and Emraan Hashmi. Which was pushed away by Akshay’s bodyguard. Although later Akshay himself went and hugged that fan.

These selfie gangs go so far as to click photos with celebs for their own benefit. If this gang continues like this, then even celebs will be afraid to click selfies with people or give autographs. Whose real loss will not be to anyone else but to the real fans of the celebs. For whom it is a dream to meet their favorite star.

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