PM Dahal emphasizes entrepreneurship and self-employment

KATHMANDU, March 3 – Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ pointed out the need to encourage young people to pursue entrepreneurship and become self-employed.

In a best wishes message on the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the National Youth Council here today, Prime Minister Dahal said that economic prosperity could be achieved if youth become self-reliant, arguing that youth are catalysts for political, social change and culture. and financially.

The council was formed on this day at 2072 BS to promote youth leadership and advance the youth agenda in the country. The Council has spread its tentacles throughout the country and is operating at all local levels.

Stating that it was imperative for the Council to advance the formulation of youth-oriented policies and programmes, ensuring their implementation to mobilize the power of youth in a positive way, Dahal praised the Council for positively leading in the areas of awareness, empowerment and youth leadership development, among others in spite of resources and budget limitations in a short space of time.

Commending the Council’s positive initiatives for further youth development, the Head of Government expressed his confidence that the Council will move forward by effectively taking responsibility for nation-building and ensuring the well-being of youth associated with government organizations of origin.

Meanwhile, Council President Surendra Basnet, in a separate congratulatory message, spoke of the need to make youth, the backbone of nation-building, self-employed and self-reliant.

Basnet stressed the link between education and work, work with skills, skills with production, employment and entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, he was of the opinion that it was important to form a State Socialist System making the youth force an integral part of development and prosperity.

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