Ruling coalition can break up at any time: Nepal

CPN (Socialist Unity) Chairman Madhav Kumar Nepal has stated that the current ruling coalition may fall apart at any time.

Addressing a program of the party’s student wing in Kirtipur on Sunday, Nepal has stated that the coalition may break up at any time because of the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP). He has claimed that the coalition is at risk after RSP insisted on the Home Office.

He also lashed out at the RSP as running for power against the new party’s public aspirations for great things. “There was a court case. (Rabbi Lamichhane) was removed from office (interior minister). But the coalition is at risk after the party insisted on that position. We don’t know when the coalition will end,” he added.

“The course that the country’s politics will take will be decided only after the presidential election. We can only say if the CPN-UML that tries to establish a political monopoly by seeking all charges will prevail or not only after the presidential election.

He also urged party cadres to wait just one week for a new political course. “There is this type of coalition that you can see now. There are those elements, the regressive ones, who say that the monarchy must be restored. There are also anti-federalists. And then there are also the leftists, and those who are against the Constitution. There are also those who support the Constitution,” he explained, stating that the previous ruling coalition, including his party, the Nepal Congress (NC) and the CPN (Maoist Center) was an alliance of pro-Constitution forces.

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