Anurag Kashyap had become a victim of anxiety because of his daughter, used to be intoxicated!

Anurag Kashyap Anxiety: Nurag Kashyap is one of the famous directors of Bollywood. Anurag not only directs films, but he also specializes in acting. Anurag’s name is also included in those personalities of Bollywood, who remain in discussion about their personal life more than their professional life. Recently, Anurag Kashyap gave an interview to Lallantop, in which he made many shocking revelations about his life. During this, Anurag told that he had become a victim of anxiety because of his daughter.

Anxiety due to threat to daughter
Anurag Kashyap revealed in this interview that he started having anxiety when his daughter received threats. Actually, Anurag Kashyap had become very ill at one time. He was surrounded by many diseases one after the other. He had been very ill for two and a half years. He also had heart attack and he was also a victim of asthma attack. Talking about his anxiety, Anurag says, “Anxiety started when my daughter received threats. After that I stopped speaking online. My drinking increased. I stopped exercising”.

‘He went on spoiling himself’
Continuing his talk, Anurag further says, “I started ordering food from outside. I used to be very angry inside. Anger consumes you. I used to spoil my own habit”. After this the director said that all these things affected his health. He suffered a heart attack and asthma attack, after which he went to rehab. Although his health improved after being in Rehab. Let us tell you that earlier Anurag Kashyap used to express his opinion on every issue on social media with impunity. Sometimes he used to say something which people did not like. Because of his habit, his daughter had received rape threats, after which Anurag had deleted his Twitter account.

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