Preparations for presidential elections in Nepal complete

KATHMANDUMarch 8: Preparations for the upcoming presidential election in Nepal are complete with voting scheduled for Thursday at the federal parliament building in New Baneshwor. A total of 332 federal parliament legislators and 550 provincial assembly legislators will cast their ballots to elect Nepal’s new president between two candidates: Ram Chandra Poudel of the Nepal Congress and Subhash Nembang of CPN-UML.

Ratopati, a local media outlet, has shared photos taken by its photojournalist to give an idea of ​​the preparations for the elections. The images show the repairs made in the building of the federal parliament before the elections.

The election of the new president of Nepal is a significant event for the country’s political landscape. The successful candidate will occupy a crucial position in shaping the future of Nepal and will work for its progress and development.

Overall, the completion of preparations for the presidential elections in Nepal indicates that the country is moving forward with its democratic processes and meeting its constitutional obligations. The voting process is expected to go smoothly, and the citizens of Nepal will eagerly await the results.

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