Electoral code of conduct will be implemented from March 1

KATHMANDU, February 28: The electoral code of conduct will be implemented for the presidential and vice-presidential elections from March 1. Using the authority granted by Section 22 of the Election Commission Act 2073, the Commission has decided to issue the Election Code of Conduct, 2079, which will be in effect from March 1-19. The code of conduct has already been published in the Nepal Gazette on August 29.

According to the decision of January 30, the Commission will hold the election of the President on March 9 and the Vice President on March 17.

For the constitutional arrangement of the election of President and Vice President, there will be a total of 882 voters, of which 332 in the Federal Parliament and 550 in the Provincial Assembly.

According to the approved program, the office of the electoral officer for the presidential election has been established and the nomination papers of the candidates have already been registered on February 25. Candidates can pick up their nomination papers until 4 pm today and after that, the final list of candidates will be published.

The commission has urged all parties to maintain the fairness and credibility of the elections by following the code of conduct.

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