Pokhara festival started in Amarsinghchaur

The Pokhara festival has started from Wednesday at Amarsinghchour located here. The eleventh edition of the festival has started under the organization of United Club Pokhara. Gandaki Chief Minister Khagraj Adhikari inaugurated the festival which will continue till Magh 9.

Inaugurating the festival, Chief Minister Adhikari said that the Mela Mahotsav will play a role in keeping the economy running after the corona. ‘The festival helps to market the local products,’ he said, ‘and such a festival also makes a significant contribution to boost the economy that has been weakened by Corona.’

There are 258 stalls in the festival which will be conducted for thirteen days. Exhibition of art and culture of different castes and tribes, exhibition and sale of industrial products, exhibition and sale of handicrafts, exhibition and information of information technology, information about the services of business organizations, exhibition and distribution of local, national and international consumer goods at reasonable prices, exhibition of tourism promotion materials. and information etc. stalls are kept. Similarly, information on various tourist spots including Pokhara, introduction and information of social organizations, dance performances reflecting Nepali culture and agricultural activities will also be available at the stalls of the festival site.

According to the organizers, folk recitations in the afternoon and live concerts in the evening will be the attractions of the festival. Himalaya Bakhrel, the founding president of the club, informed that the main attractions of the festival will be horse riding and tiktok competition. Apart from that, he said, free bus arrangements for visiting the zoo under construction at Pachbhaiya in Lekhnath, entertainment programs such as ‘VR nine days’ will also be special attractions of the festival.

The festival aims to bring the country towards prosperity by developing the country’s art, culture, costumes, education, health, sports and tourism, providing information about the developed information technology to the general public, providing information about the tourist places in Gandaki province and the market of domestic and foreign products. Club president Raju Shrestha informed that the purpose of the festival is to facilitate. Similarly, he said, the purpose of the festival is to create jobs while keeping the economy running, to support regional development, to promote the industry, and to help the talent of artists to emerge.

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