The makers of ‘Bihe Pas’ are confident that the investment will be safe

Probably, in the 60-year long history of Nepali films, two films of the same actor had never clashed on the same date. Now this history is written in the name of actor Dayahang Rai. His two films ‘Jari’ and ‘Bihe Paas’ were released simultaneously on 1st of Baisakh. Out of this, ‘Jari’ is strong in business. The business of ‘Bihe Pass’ is also not weak. The business of the film was good on two days of screening. 

It is seen in the box office system of the Film Development Board that the film has collected 1 crore gross from the domestic market in four days of release. Despite the aggressive business of ‘Jari’, this score achieved by ‘Bihe Pas’ is very pleasing. It speaks of the burning stardom of Dayahang. Producer Rohit Kattel, who is also the distributor of this film, seems confident that his investment will be safe.

He says, ‘Friday and Saturday business was good. It has been sitting since Sunday. Maybe because of the good of ‘Jari’. It is good when two films of the same artist are released. However, we are satisfied with the business of the film. Investment will be safe from Lifetime Collection.’ Rohit believes that the business will be good next Friday and Saturday as the audience liked the film. 

The film presents the story of a young man’s struggle and effort between resorting to a series of lies to hide a lie and the rift that comes in the marital relationship and the compulsion to take a government job to deceive his wife and father-in-law. The film also raised issues such as smuggling on the Nepal-India border, bribery of government employees, financial manipulation to pass public service.

Directed by Pravesh Poudel, the film features Dayahang Rai and Prakriti Shrestha in lead roles. Subhash Gajurel, Shyam Rai, Vishal Pahadi, Buddhi Tamang, Nizhwala Gautam, Naveen Sherchan, Uma Baniyan, Prakash Bhujel, Rusha Neupane are also acting. Presenter of ‘Bihe Paas’ produced by RR Film Production is Rohit Kattel and executive producer is Ratna Shrestha. Shiv Dhakal is a cinematographer.

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