This is the ‘Yodha’ song from ‘I Am Twenty One’ starring Dhiraj and Jasita

Kathmandu-The song ‘Yoddha’ of the film ‘I Am Twenty One’, which will be released on 21st Baisakh of New Year, has been released. The song has vocals by Trishala Gurung and Prasid Rajopadhyay, lyrics by Swapnil Sharma, music by Swapnil and Rohit Shakya.

The song is featuring actor Dhiraj Magar and actress Jasita Gurung. In the video of the song, the effort of Dhiraj and Jasita is seen for the dance. Makers believe that this song will be popular among the youth.

Cinematography by Sushant Prajapati, the film is edited by Nimesh Shrestha. Somnath Khanal and Rinsha Rai Rana have dialogues in this film. Produced by Prabhu Shamsher Jabara and Prajwal Shamsher Jabara, the film is directed by Rensha Rai Rana. The production unit said that the trailer of the film produced under the banner of Icore Films will be brought soon.

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