‘Prema’ got a good response at the premiere

The love story film ‘Prema’ directed by Govind Singh Bhandari, which is going to be screened from this Friday, has received a positive response at the premiere. The guests who were present at the premiere held in Kathmandu on Wednesday evening praised the actor’s performance, storyline, direction and cinematography. From the director to the actors, the film was praised.

Anjana Baraili

Anjana Bareilly, the actress of the film ‘Mahapurusha’, responded that she liked the film. Stating that the performance of all the actors was good, she said that the story and presentation of ‘Prema’ was different. Similarly, another actress Sandhya KC assured that the film will keep the audience engaged for two hours. She also praised the performance of all the actors.


Model Kunsang Bomjan expressed his happiness that he got to watch a good love story movie after a long time. Subeksha Khadka is my favorite artist. Her acting is very good. The story of the film is somehow connected with the love of today’s young generation,’ he said, ‘I liked the way the film shows the problems that arise in love relationships due to small disagreements.’

Arun Chhetri AND Subeksha Khadka

The film’s actor Arun Chhetri said that he was ‘neutral’ till Tuesday, but he was confident of the response he received at the premiere. I was ‘neutral’ until the premiere, because the film had not come out yet. However, I am excited by the Premier’s response’, he said. This is Arun’s second film. Similarly, actress Subeksha Khadka said that she was happy when her performance was appreciated.

Subeksha Khadka

Director Govind Singh Bhandari, who was happy with the response at the premiere, claimed that anyone who watches the film will identify with the character. Producer Vivek Ghimire said that he is hopeful that the response received at the premiere will not waste his investment. ‘I wanted to invest even after reading the script. I am hopeful that my investment will not be wasted due to the Premier’s response, he said.

Arun Chhetri

Written and directed by Govind Singh Bhandari, along with Arun and Subeksha, Srishti Shrestha, Bimala KC, Hiubala Gautam, Puran Joshi, Sabin Bastola, Roshni Syangbo, Prakash Basnet, Mahan Thapa, Surendra Basel, Viviana Thapaliya (Kaju) also have special roles in the film. Produced under the banner of Baghthata Film Factory, the executive producer of this film is Samart Vikram Thapa.

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