CPN (Maoist Center) ministers resign in Lumbini province, resulting in loss of majority for CM Lili Giri

KATHMANDU, March 26: In a significant development in Nepali politics, all ministers belonging to the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Center) in Lumbini province have resigned from their posts. The decision was made on Sunday and resulted in Chief Minister Lili Giri losing her majority in the provincial government.

According to Sudarshan Baral, party chairman in Lumbini province, three CPN (Maoist Center) ministers under the CPN-UML-led government in the province have resigned. The outgoing ministers are Jokh Bahadur Mahara, Indra Jeet Chaudhary and Krishna KC.

This movement surprises and has created a tense situation in the political landscape of the province. The CPN (Maoist Center) is one of the main parties in the ruling coalition, and the resignation of its ministers has left Chief Minister Lili Giri with the difficult task of retaining power in the province.

The exact reasons behind the resignation of the three ministers have not yet been revealed. However, it is believed that there were differences between the coalition partners, and the Maoist Center decided to withdraw its support for the government.

The political situation in Lumbini province is now changing, and it remains to be seen how Chief Minister Lili Giri will manage to maintain her majority in the provincial assembly. The resignation of the CPN (Maoist Center) ministers has created a power vacuum in the province and is likely to have far-reaching consequences on the political landscape of Nepal as a whole.

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