Superhit duo collaboration after 7 years

Director Hemraj BC and actor Anmol KC are the hit couple of Nepali films. The credit of making Anmol a ‘star’ goes to Hemraj, while the credit of introducing Hemraj as a director is given to Anmol. Because, as an actor and a director, both started with the same film. That movie was ‘Hostel’. When the first film was successful, both were established in the film industry. 

After ‘Hostel’ they collaborated in ‘Jerry’ and ‘Gajalu’ both these films were also super hits. After giving three super hits with the same director, Anmol was called a superstar. Hemraj scored a hat-trick in the hit. Both teamed up well with each other and after ‘Gajalu’, they collaborated in the film ‘Gangster Blues’. But later Anmol refused to work.

Hemraj’s first film without Anmol was a flop. After ‘Gangster Blues’, he made ‘The Breakup’ and ‘Ghamad Shere’, but they didn’t work either. After the flops of three films, comments began to be made that Hemraj was only precious. However, currently showing ‘Chakka Panja 4’ directed by him is earning well. However, the credit of this film goes more to the team of Deepak-Deepa than to him. 

‘Chakka Panja 4’ clashed with Anmol starrer ‘Chadke 2’. However, this clash was heavy for ‘Chadke 2’. Earlier Hemraj’s ‘The Breakup’ clashed with Anmol starrer ‘Captain’. At that time ‘Captain’ had won the bet. It is also said that director VC fought ‘The Breakup’ with ‘Captain’ in order to strengthen the ego of Anmol who refused to do his film.

However, Hemraj and Anmol are working together after 7 years, forgetting their bitter past. They collaborated in the name sequel of ‘Jerry’, ‘Jerry on Top’. Now they are in discussions about the script and the character. Hemraj and Anmol, who are considered ‘lucky’ for each other, are under the pressure of commercial success. More especially to Anmol, because ‘Chadke 2’ has turned out to be a disaster.

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