‘Wrong films are being sent for Oscars’, why did AR Rahman give such a big statement?

AR Rahman On Oscars: In the Oscar Award Ceremony 2023, the films of India spread fiercely. RRR’s songs ‘Naatu-Naatu’ and ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ won the title of the Oscar Award and once again illuminated the country’s name all over the world. Meanwhile, an interview of AR Rahman, who has won two Oscars, has come to the fore, in which he said that wrong films are being sent from India for Oscars.

The development of technology has changed

During the interview, L Subramaniam asked AR Rahman how he changed the old way of composing music with many musicians and orchestras, Rahman said, “It is due to the development in technology.” Earlier there were only eight tracks for a film, because I came from a jingle background, so I had 16 tracks and I could do a lot with it.

I got a chance to experiment

AR Rahman further said, “The orchestra was expensive, but all the big instruments became smaller. This gave me plenty of time to experiment and fail. No one knows my failure, they have only seen my success because it all happened inside the studio. So I got freedom because of home studios.

He said, “It gave me a lot of freedom to experiment… Of course, we all need money but beyond that I had passion.” I mean the west is doing it so why can’t we? When we listen to their music, why can’t they listen to ours? I ask myself how can there be better production, better quality, better distribution and mastering… that still inspires me”.

Wrong films being sent to Oscars

AR Rahman said that, sometimes I see that our films go to Oscars, but do not get awards. Wrong films are being sent for Oscars. I think this should not be done at all. We have to think from the perspective of the other person. I have to think like a western country to see what is happening here. We should think in our own way by staying in our place. Please tell that this is an old interview which was shot in January.

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