‘Prema’ is also dubbed in Hindi and Telugu

The film ‘Prema’ directed by Govind Singh Bhandari, who showed good direction in his debut film ‘Ranveer’, has been dubbed in Hindi and Telugu. After screening in Nepal, director Bhandari is planning to release the film on the OTT platform in India. The Telugu trailer was shown to the journalists at the public function of the song held in the capital on Wednesday. 

Director Bhandari said that ‘Prema’ was dubbed in Hindi and Telugu with the aim of finding the market for Nepali films in other countries as well. He said, ‘From Hollywood to Bollywood, they have spread themselves to other countries as well. Thinking that we should do the same, we dubbed the film in Hindi and Telugu. In India, the aim is to release the film on OTT platforms rather than in theatres.’

The song ‘Phool Yo Chunder’ released on Wednesday has the voice of SD Yogi, lyrics by Sabin Ektare and music by Sushant Gautam. The main characters of the film, Shubeksha Khadka, Srishti Shrestha and Arun Chhetri, present the song about love. In the song, Arun has expressed his love pain by singing on the reality show ‘Sur Sitara’. It is clear from the song that the film is based on a triangular love story. 

Vimala KC, Nizhwala Gautam, Puran Joshi, Sabin Bastola, Roshni Syangbo, Prakash Basnet, Mahan Thapa, Surendra Bassel, Viviana Thapalia (Kaju) are also acting in the film which is going to be screened from this Chait 17th. Directed by Bhandari and produced by Vivek Ghimire, the executive producer of the film is Samarthvikram Thapa. This film is made under the banner of Baghthata Film Factory.

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