Paul Shah afraid of jail

Actor and model Paul Shah, who was released on the 15th of Falgun after spending a year in jail due to an incident, participated in a public event for the first time after a year. Through a chartered helicopter, he participated in the Rukum Mahotsav held in Rukum, the foundation of Jan Yuddha, on Wednesday, where more than 30,000 spectators attended just to see him. 

When he spoke, there was a shower of whistles and applause, while slogans like ‘Pal dai hi-hi’, ‘Pal Shah I love you’ were repeated. Paul would also show his gratitude by waving his hand in respect of the love shown to him and sometimes he would show his love with laughter. He expressed his happiness saying that he earned millions from his parents, sisters, brothers and friends while he was in jail for one year.

He said, ‘I was jailed for one year. Now I am afraid of prison. At first I thought that my parents, sister and brother were in my house. However, when I stayed inside the prison, let’s not call the prison a university. While living there, I got millions and thousands of parents, friends, brothers and sisters.’ He also informed that he is going to come to the audience through the music video. 

Paul said that he is going to work on the female version of ‘Timilai Peehan Bani Paryo’, which was released on his YouTube channel a year ago. After hearing a loud voice from the audience that he should come to the film as well, he assured that he will return to the film soon. He also recited the song ‘Timro Ghore Sami’ from his own film ‘Ma Asi Geet Guwechu 2’ at the festival.

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