Request to the Board of the Cooperative Federation to remove the cooperative dialogue of ‘Chakka Panja 4’

The National Federation of Cooperatives has submitted a petition to the Film Development Board on Monday, demanding the removal of a dialogue related to cooperatives in the film ‘Chhakka Panja 4’, which is earning aggressively at the domestic box office. In the petition signed by the president of the federation, Minraj Kandel, objection has been expressed that the dialogue questioning the credibility of the cooperative sector has been used. 

It has been written in the petition, “Chakka Panja 4” has drawn the serious attention of the federation on behalf of the entire cooperative campaign that there is a dialogue about defamation of cooperatives and disturbing women’s identity. Therefore, we strongly condemn this fabricated, misleading and factless dialogue that raises questions about the credibility of the cooperative sector, and we request that this dialogue that creates confusion be removed immediately.’


There is a dialogue in the film where women are described as escape partners. Various people in the cooperative sector have objected to the dialogue. A few days ago, the co-operative director and artist Madhusudhan Pathak (Site Ba) strongly objected to the exaggerated dialogue on the topic of the co-operative and said that the dialogue used without study was not correct.

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