Actress Jasita Gurung’s dancing mood in ‘Jackie: I’m Twenty One’ poster

Actor Dhiraj Magar and actress Jasita Gurung are playing the lead roles in the dance drama film ‘Jackie: I’m Twenty One’ which is going to be released on 21st Baisakh. However, the production team gave only Dheeraj a place in the first look video, first look poster and teaser. Jasita did not get a place in any of these. Now her character poster has been released. 

In the public poster on Tuesday, Jasita is depicted in two different situations. On the one hand, she is seen in a calm and stable mood, on the other hand, she is presented in a dancing mood. The poster mentions her character’s name ‘Ruby’, which means ‘Precious’. In the film, the poster shows that she is a beautiful character in dance. Jasita was last seen in the film ‘Love Station’.

Rensha Vanthawa Rai has directed the film. She is also a choreographer and has previously directed ‘Into Mintu London’. Arun Chhetri, Prem Subba, Luniva Tuladhar, Palpsa Dangol, Raju Bhuju, Sujata Rai, Suryaman Limbu, Vikas Joshi, Rizon Pariyar, Sushant Gautam are also acting in the film which is about dance. The film has Renshaw’s own story and screenplay. 

Produced by Prabhu Shamsher Rana and Prajwal Shamsher Rana under the banner of iCor Films, the film has music by Kaliprasad Baskota and Rohit Shakya, cinematography by Sushan Prajapati, editing by Nimesh Shrestha and choreography by The Wild Ripperz Crew. Director Rai has said that although it will be very challenging and difficult to make a film on the theme of dance, she has made an honest effort.

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