Check bounce and fraud complaint against ‘Prasad 2’ producer Subhash Thapa

Shuvash Thapa and Keshab Pandey

Former producer of ‘Prasad 2’ Keshav Pandey and producer Subhash Thapa

Keshav Pandey, another producer and health goods businessman, has filed a complaint against Subhash Thapa, the producer of the film ‘Prasad 2’, at the District Police Complex, Kathmandu, on charges of check bounce and fraud of 62 lakh 50 thousand rupees. Pandey has accused Thapa of cheating him by taking money saying that he will be the producer of the film. When ‘Prasad 2’ was announced in Kathmandu, his name was among the producers. 

Last Asadh, due to disagreements within the team, the film could not be shot even after reaching the shooting location. Filming started from Mangsir but Pandey was not among the producers. According to Pandey, Thapa took the money a year ago in an agreement to share the profit for the film production, but he filed a complaint because he did not return the money even though he brought in another producer and produced the film.

Pandey says that the producer Thapa gave four checks to the account in Nepal Investment Bank, Kalimati branch on Magh 29, but since the checks were not cashed due to lack of sufficient balance in the account, he filed a check bounce (banking offense) and fraud complaint at the police premises. He has also submitted an application to the Central Film Screening Committee (Censor Board) to stop the censorship of ‘Prasad 2’. 

It is also known that Thapa has to pay some amount to Saurav Chaudhary, who was the first director of ‘Prasad 2’. He has made a paper agreement to pay Chaudhary a week before the film screening. ‘Prasad 2’, directed by Sudarshan Thapa, is all set to hit the screens from the 24th of Chaitra. The trailer of the film has also been released.

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