‘Women Make Film Fest’ showcased 15 films made by women

Kipalaya Productions in collaboration with Plan International’s Girls Get Equal campaign has organized a one-day women-centric film festival in Kathmandu on Friday. Films produced and directed by women directors were shown at the festival titled ‘Women Make Film Fest’ held at Oscar International College. According to Kipalaya Productions, 15 short and documentary films were shown in the festival which lasted from 11 am to 2 am.

Women film festival

Kipalaya Productions has completed a two-stage filmmaking workshop in collaboration with Plan International with the aim of promoting women’s participation in filmmaking and directing. Films made by women in collaboration with other organizations were screened in the festival along with films produced in this way. Kipalay conducted a workshop in Kathmandu in 2021 and in Banke Bardia in 2022. 

The films included in the festival were screened in three slots. In the first slot, ‘The Journey of Innocence’ directed by Kalpana Bam and Pratibha Pant, ‘One Rupi’ directed by Mira Khadka and Asmita Lavati, ‘Mero Bua’ directed by Sreesha Kuwar and Angela Chaudhary, ‘Khulla Aakash’ directed by Dimple Rajthala and Bhavna Adhikari, Pushpa Joshi And Pushpa Joshi, a member of the festival project, where the film ‘Veiled’ directed by Sapna Belbase was screened.

In the second slot, ‘Hazur’ directed by Pinky Shreesh Rana and LSM, ‘Mother’s School’ directed by Shubhangi Khadka, ‘Sound of Bangle’ directed by Sharmila Ale, ‘Aunt’s Village’ directed by Muna BK and Sarla Sunuwar were screened and in the last slot directed by Anu Rawat and Jadhan Chaudhary. ‘Human Trafficking’, ‘Mental Health’ directed by Hema Sunar, Govind Rana and Tikaram Vick, ‘Child Marriage’ directed by Nancy Shah and Pooja Pariyar, ‘I Am Good Enough’ directed by Suraj Gurung and Chetna KC, directed by Anjali Gharti Magar ‘Euta Katha’ and Trisha Dhakal’s ‘Dear Diary’ were shown.

Women film festival

Kipalaya head Ashma Pokharel said that screening only films made by women is a first in itself and the enthusiastic participation of women producers and directors has given encouragement. He said that although this year’s festival was held on a small scale, there is a plan to make it bigger next year. For this, she also informed that cooperation with women’s film festivals in Britain and Europe is progressing. 

More than 200 spectators participated in ‘Women Make Film Fest’ along with students of Oscar International College. The Film Development Board, British Council, Children’s Film Society, Duck School, Gauthali Entertainment and Srijan Sutra played a supportive role to complete the festival.

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