Oscar Award for Best Feature Documentary slipped from the hands of ‘All That Breathes’, know who killed the eagle

Best Documentary Feature Film: India has got not one but three nominations in Oscars 2023. Out of which the first category has been announced and India did not get a place in it. ‘All That Breathe’ was sent from India in the Best Feature Documentary category and won a nomination. But could not win this award. ‘Navelni’ has received this award in this category. In this category, Navalny got tough competition from All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, Fire of Love, A House Made of Splinters. However, Navalny won in this race.

All that Breathes

Directed by Shaunak Sen, All That Breathes tells the story of two Muslim brothers who live in Delhi, and have made it their sole goal and purpose in life to save a dying breed of bird, the Black Kites, which are dying due to the toxic environment. This effort of both the brothers touched the hearts of the audience internationally, who have already given high ratings to the film. It has a current rating of 99 percent on the review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, with critical consensus.

The Elephant Whispers win

‘The Elephant Whispers’ has won the Oscars 2023. This is a Netflix documentary that talks about the unbreakable bond between an abandoned elephant and its caretakers. It was in competition with Hallout, How Do You Measure a Year?, The Martha Mitchell Effect and Stranger at the Gate in the Documentary Short Subject category. It is produced by Guneet Monga.

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