JSP will nominate male and female candidates for the vice presidency

KATHMANDU, March 11: Janata Samajwadi Party Nepal is going to nominate both male and female candidates. At the 10-party meeting held today at the Prime Minister’s Baluwatar residence, JSP Chairman Upendra Yadav expressed the view that two candidates from his party will be nominated.

Since the Election Commission can cancel the candidacy of men, the alliance party asked Jaspa President Upendra Yadav to nominate female candidates. The sources said he argued that while there is a provision in the constitution that allows candidates from different genders or communities to be nominated, it is not necessary to nominate only women.

Yadav questioned saying, “According to the spirit of the constitution, JSP nominates the vice-presidential candidate.” But no agreement was reached on this proposal.

Four parties have agreed to cede the vice presidency to JSP. If JSP nominates a man and the commission rejects him, a woman’s candidacy is forced to continue. After that, the coalition parties will be forced to vote for women. After discussing this matter at the meeting, President Yadav stated that he will nominate both women and men from his party.

JSP has now called an executive committee meeting at the party office in Balkumari to decide on the candidates by discussing these issues.

The ruling partner Janamat party will make Mamata Jha the vice-presidential candidate.

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