‘Prema’ trailer: Arun in love with Shubheksha and Srishti

Arun Chettri, Subeksha Khadka & Shristi Shrestha

The trailer of the film ‘Prema’, directed by ‘Ranveer’ famed director Gobind Singh Bhandari, has been released. In the 2 minute 42 second long trailer which was released on the internet on Friday, it is shown how a love relationship is in crisis due to infidelity. The trailer is ready about the ups and downs of Arun Chhetri, who is in love with Shubeksha Khadka, after Srishti Shrestha enters his life. 

Besides Arun, Shubeksha and Srishti, the film, produced under the banner of Baghthata Film Factory, also stars Vimala KC, Nizhwala Gautam, Puran Joshi, Sabin Bastola, Roshni Syangbo, Prakash Basnet, Mahan Thapa, Surendra Bassel, Viviana Thapalia (Kaju). The film shot in Kathmandu, Dhangadhi and Karnali was produced by Vivek Ghimire and director Gobind Singh Bhandari.

Executive produced by Samarthvikram Thapa, the film has music by Sushant Gautam, lyrics by Sushant, Sabin Ektare and Anil Sharma, main assistant direction by Chandra Bhattarai, background score by Amit Shrestha, editing by Krishna Bhandari and DOP by Mahesh Paudel. GGA Group is distributing the film in the valley and FD Company outside the valley.

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