Is Ashirman trying to enter Bollywood?

India, a neighboring country of Nepal, where is the world’s biggest film industry, Bollywood. There is ease in both communication and language. Some Nepali actors have also earned a name in Bollywood. For example, the name of actress Manisha Koirala is enough. Considering the place she made in the Bollywood industry as a source of inspiration, there are many people in Nepal who dream of entering Bollywood. 

Even Pradeep Khadka, who has made a big name and money in Nepali films, is rushing to enter Bollywood. Actor Bipin Karki’s Bollywood debut has already been confirmed. Later he had to kill Maya due to his busy schedule. Currently, actor Ashirman Deshraj Joshi is trying to enter Bollywood.

Aashirman DS Joshi

After his debut film ‘Gangstar Blues’ and his second film ‘The Breakup’ both turned out to be disasters, he reached the peak of despair and has been in his dream city Mumbai for the past one and a half years. Sources say that he is pursuing acting while staying in Mumbai and is also making rounds with various production companies to enter Bollywood. Since the lockdown, he has also rejected some Nepali film offers. 

After Ashirman decided to enter Bollywood, mother Raveena Deshraj Shrestha bought an apartment in Mumbai. Now she is in Mumbai with her son. A few days ago, Ayushmann Deshraj Joshi reached Mumbai and met his mother and brother. They also celebrated Holi together, in which Parmita Rajyalakshmi Rana and Nirisha Basnet, who are struggling to enter Bollywood, also participated.

The way to enter Bollywood is not easy and normal as dreamed. The iron door to enter Bollywood does not open as easily for everyone as it did for Manisha Koirala. It requires sacrifice, attachment, struggle, confidence and patience. The dream of Bollywood has inspired many Nepali artists. Now, whether Ashirman fulfills his dream of entering Bollywood or returns in shock, it remains to be seen.

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