After the flop of ‘Chadke 2’, Anmol writes, ‘I should have matured, I missed it’

After the film ‘Chadke 2’ released last Friday became the biggest disaster of his career, superstar Anmol KC has expressed the confession that he should have matured by the time he reached the ninth film. Anmol wrote two notes on his Facebook and Instagram accounts on Friday and mentioned that he is even more sad that ‘Chadke 2’ disappointed the audience.

He writes, ‘I know that I disappointed the audience who loved me through ‘Chadke 2’, because of whom I came here, I am even more saddened by disappointing them. ‘Chadke 2′ was my ninth film, I should have been more mature by the time I got here, I missed it. Be confident, even this time will pass, after the sun goes down, tomorrow will be a new dawn.’ 

Telling that tomorrow’s golden morning will be exchanged with the audience, Anmol has given confidence to apply ointment to the sore wounds of the audience. KC writes further in the note, ‘Now the tenth film after the ninth will become ‘one’ after the zero after the tenth is removed, that is, today I am in the zero and the first film of my career will be my tenth film. In other words, the second season of my career will begin with my next film.’

Anmol promises to continue his efforts as long as there is support from well-wishers and viewers. In another note written in English, he admitted that even though ‘Chadke 2’ was a big decision taken by him, he did not get the love of the audience. He also congratulated the team of the film for achieving a great commercial benchmark with ‘Chadke 2’.

anmol kc

‘As a person I am a learner and seek new experiences on this journey, where I have chosen the Nepali film industry as my platform. This was my ninth film and whatever I did, I did it with true heart towards myself and my work. With a positive ray of hope, I will bring back your faith in me with your constant love and support,’ he wrote in the English note.

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