Constitution of Nepal a model for the rest of the world-CM Giri

LUMBINI, March 8: The Chief Minister of Lumbini Province, Leela Giri, stated that the Constitution of Nepal is the model for the world from the perspective of inclusion, proportion and gender.

He said that the Constitution has specified provisions to guarantee the proportional representation of women in all structures, from the top to the bottom level positions of the state. The country’s law has enshrined rights related to gender equality as fundamental rights, the prime minister added.

On the occasion of the 113th International Women’s Day today, CM Giri extended her greetings to all Nepali women at home and abroad. She managed to include the issue of women’s rights in the constitution with the support of all the movements and struggles undertaken in the past, she added.

“We are moving towards building an equitable and inclusive Nepalese society by making best use of the gains gained through past struggles,” the CM’s greeting message reads.

The successful implementation of the Constitution will prepare a solid foundation for building a prosperous nation, Giri said, urging everyone to work together to that end.

On the same occasion, Lumbini Provincial President Tularam Ghartimagar also expressed her best wishes to all the women. She praised the contributions of Nepali women in different movements and struggles for democracy and change. She underscored the need to develop women-friendly policy and practice to pave the way for a gender-equitable society.

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